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Technologies in medicine

It is a vital necessity under the development of science and technology

Stable income

Solution accuracy sets new standarts of profitability

Career progress

Use the opportunities and develop along with the Nanomed Incorporated

Company mission

Provide more opportunities for everyone

The technology peak

Science development and progressiveness

Our scientific developments are the flagship of technologies in the development of new innovative ways of applying the latest science achievements in the field of medicine. Nano-technologies application and solutions accuracy are the basis of the quality of services from Nanomed.


The art of being at the top

Using our experience and knowledge, we create and define new levels of service quality, raising the level of technologies used. Perfection in every detail of what we do and what we aspire to.

Harmony of solutions

Innovation for a better life

You can reach the heights of success and be a leader only by doing your best in full coincidence and harmony of cooperation. The search for new ways and overcoming any obstacles leads us to success and the new goals achievement.

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Inspiration and complete freedom of creativity. Moments of success and hard work every day. These are the steps to success.
This is Nanomed.

Creation and progress. These are the concepts that formed the basis of our strategy for the long-term development of the company. Nano-technologies as a way of solving complex technical problems as well as wide application of progressive discoveries in the field of medicine have become a driving factor for the steady development of our company. Using the best and creating new principles of doing business, we have been following the path of innovation for more than 8 years, giving people new opportunities and giving hope. Our scientific discoveries and applied developments, which are used by the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, allow people to regain the sense of purpose and to become healthy again.

Assistance and Development. These concepts will always remain our top priorities both in business and in cooperation with new clients. Because Nanomed knows the needs of modern medicine and healthcare and can turn into reality all the best modern science and technology solutions in this field of people's activities.

Global reach and individual approach – this is what makes our company unique. The leading world companies specializing in the production of medical equipment from around the world use our technologies and conclude more and more contracts with us. This gives us confidence that our activities and our commercial offers will be in demand worldwide for many years to come. Therefore, we can freely and confidently plan our development for the longest term and create the most favorable and best conditions for our partners and customers around the world.

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(trades are made on the German stock exchange Xetra)


Your investments are reliably protected against risks by scientific and technical solutions of the company and will consistently yield revenue in the longest term, because of the constantly growing demand for Nanomed products and services.


Any details of cooperation with us, including financial transaction statistics, are confidentially protected and reliably closed to third parties throughout the term of investment.

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